What is STAR-Serviços Linguísticos, Lda.?

It is a translation company that specialises particularly in technical translations.

What services does it provide?

Written translations of websites and software (localisation), particularly those of a technical nature.

Main areas: mechanical engineering, finance, IT, consumer electronics, watch making, agricultural and construction machinery, marketing, corporate documentation, defence, industry and health, safety and hygiene in the workplace, etc.

Which language pairs do we translate?

We translate to and from the following languages in-house: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and German. As we are part of STAR Group, we are able to offer you translation services in many other languages, to an equally high quality.

What should I do if I need a translation?

Please send us the file by e-mail (to info@starportugal.pt) or use the no-obligation quote form.

How long does it take to get a quote?

The amount of time it takes to get a quote depends to a certain extent on the format of the document (scans take longer to process). However, we estimate that it normally takes 3 hours.

Are quotes free?

We don’t charge for quotes if files are received in an editable format.

What should I do if I need a website translation?

Please send us the link and, if possible, the content that you need to translate in Word format. You can ask your website’s webmaster for this.

Why is one business day added to the deadline for orders placed after 4pm?

Our teams consist of a translator, reviewer and a quality controller. If a translation is ordered after 4pm, it can only be started on the following business day.

Why do you ask for reference material for the translation?

Each client/company has its own style. If you send us reference material, we can standardise the translation and maintain consistency with commonly used terms/expressions.

Do you need a certified and/or authenticated translation?

Please visit our Certified Translation page to find out more and/or contact us.

How is a quote for a translation calculated?

Translations depend on a range of factors: the technical level of the language, complexity of the topic, the required language pair, formats in which the documents are available, formats in which you want the translated documents to be delivered, volume of words and urgency.

How can I request a quote?

Please send us an e-mail to info@starportugal.pt or use the no-obligation quote form, attaching the files that you want to translate. If you send an email, please state the language pair, the date you need the translation and any other information you think we should know. Please also give us your name and a contact phone number.

What are your main specialist areas?

We have translators/revisers in practically all technical areas: engineering, marketing, finance, cosmetics, machinery, etc.