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The Delta principle in technical writing

During technical writing, topics that have already been described in the same or a very similar way tend to be repeated. Unless the intention is to write in a different way each day, a search has to be performed of previous documents containing similar text, which can therefore be repeated. This system works well with an excellent memory and if there is not much documentation; however, it quickly loses its efficiency: the search takes time, distracts from the content and leads to a huge set of unwanted options.

MindReader takes on these tedious tasks for editors and adds substantial volumes of text to their memories. Our technology helps editors to select the best suggested text and to use the correct terminology. It also makes previously concealed sources available.

The editor is able to concentrate on content that is actually new – and this is what we call the “Delta principle”. This allows the ground to be laid for a precise and efficient translation: consistent texts lead to considerable savings in terms of time and money, whereas correct terminology ensures high quality in the target language.

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